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Courteney Partners with Dermalogica

Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Courteney Partners with Dermalogica

Courteney has partnered with skincare brand Dermalogica! Courteney made an appearance and surprised 200+ students at Future Industry Professionals Day. The first photos from the campaign are now in the gallery.

Courteney Cox’s Dermalogica Partnership Was Decades in the Making

When Courteney Cox launched her home care brand, Homecourt, the connection to her Friends character Monica Geller was clear. But as she enters the skincare arena as the new face of Dermalogica, only fans of the show with keen eyes and even sharper memories will pick up on this overlooked connection.

Cox, a longtime fan of the brand, was first introduced to the line of products while filming Friends. But it gets better. They were even used as props in Monica and Rachel’s bathroom.

“There are certain products that you love because they smell great and are so natural and fresh, but I want mine to be like that and be backed by science. That’s why I’ve always loved Dermalogica,” Cox tells exclusively.

Ahead Cox shares her top shelf beauty picks, the skincare advice she gives to her daughter, and more of her beauty wisdom.
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Courteney for Financial Times

Sunday, Mar 26, 2023
Courteney for Financial Times

Courteney Cox: the Scream queen comes clean

At home with the sitcom star turned soap entrepreneur

Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Monday, Feb 27, 2023
Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Courteney received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Close friends Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Laura Dern spoke during the ceremony. Courteney was joined onstage by her daughter Coco, her sisters Virginia and Dottie, and her partner Johnny McDaid. Also in attendance was Warner Bros. Television chair and CEO Channing Dungey.

Take a look at the photos and videos below!

Shining Vale: 1×08 – “We Are Phelps” Screen Captures

Monday, Apr 25, 2022
1×08 – Chapter Eight: We Are Phelps

Screen captures of the Shining Vale season finale have been added to the gallery!

Gallery Update!

Sunday, Apr 24, 2022
Gallery Update!

Hi, Courteney fans! I have been working on replacing and reorganizing photos in the gallery. Some photos have been replaced with higher quality ones and some were resized to load faster!

I’ve renamed a lot of the files to make things neater. Various additional photos have been added (such as Cougar Town stills). Eventually, I hope to add missing TV screencaps, and replace a lot of old caps with better quality ones.

Thank you for continuing to visit Courteney Online!

Courteney Covers InStyle Magazine

Thursday, Apr 14, 2022
Courteney Covers InStyle Magazine

Courteney is the cover star of InStyle magazine’s spring 2022 issue! Take a look at the article and photos below.

Courteney Cox Comes Home

After launching Homecourt, a super-clean home-care brand with great scents, the actor, director and producer can finally admit — she kind of is a Monica.

It’s been 18 years since the final episode of Friends aired on NBC, yet even today, when people go to Courteney Cox’s house in Los Angeles, many behave as if they’re entering the lair of compulsive neat freak Monica Geller. They hesitate to sit down in the living room for fear of messing up the meticulously fluffed sofa cushions.

Cox acknowledges that her reputation for extreme tidiness is partially justified. “I like things to look right,” she says. “I do fluff the pillows.” But she’s definitely not Monica, and she still savors opportunities to remind people of that — of which she currently, at 57, finds herself with many. There’s a new TV series; a new installment of Scream; and a new line of luxury home-care products: Homecourt, her pandemic brainchild that brings a beauty philosophy into cleaning. Cox has also been directing a few things, including two projects that aren’t obvious matches for her: a music video for Brandi Carlile and a TV commercial for Clos du Bois chardonnay.

In fact, Cox’s role in Shining Vale, the horror-comedy series which began airing in March on Starz, may be the meatiest one of her career so far. She stars opposite Greg Kinnear as depressive author Patricia Phelps, a mother of two teenagers who’s suffering from writer’s block. After an illicit fling with a hunky, young handyman, Patricia is trying to save her marriage, but things get tricky when her family moves into a haunted house. Pretty soon, she’s getting addicted to anxiety meds, seeing ghosts in closets, and wondering if her mother’s schizophrenia might be hereditary. “I don’t think I’ve ever played a character that was so layered and had so many things to go through,” Cox says.
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