Did Courteney Cox Want More Friends? “I Wish We Hadn’t Stopped”

Friday, Mar 25, 2011

I’ll get to the end of Friends and Cougar Town finale scoop in a sec, but first let’s talk Courteney Cox and Scream 4.

Most of the cast won’t reveal if they’re signed on for sequels 5 and 6 because that sort of gives away whether they’re killed in this new fourth installment.

However, Cox will tell ya…

“I’m actually not,” she admitted to me yesterday while promoting the newly hatched Ghost Face killer flick, out April 15. “I mean, I can’t really say, but you know she could always die and I can always come back in a dream. But if I didn’t die, you know, it’ll just depend on if it all comes together.”

A true Hollywood veteran who’s been down this road before, she gives an answer that leaves all the doors open.

It’s been many years since Cox played Gale Weathers, but she didn’t mind going back. “I love Gale Weathers,” she said. “I love her tenacity. She’s just a strong-willed woman. And I think she’s a little fame-hungry and power-hungry and that’s why it’s so fun to play her.”

She’s also a bit envious with how “selfish” Gale could be. “I’m not in real life,” Cox smiled. “I wish I was a little more selfish.”

As for Cougar Town, there’s a big one-hour season finale coming in May. Now, it’s not a musical episode. “We’re dealing with something pretty heavy,” Cox teased. “You haven’t seen it yet, but someone wants to have kids and someone doesn’t. That’s all I can tell you about that.”

She quickly added, “I hope I don’t get in trouble for that.”

We’d like to assume she’s talking about Jules and Grayson (Josh Hopkins). And with that in mind, will those two ever get married? “I would say one day,” Cox said. “I think that as long as the audience is liking it and it’s working out, they’ll keep it going and they’ll be dealing with real-life issues.”

Cox says she has no timeline for Cougar Town, but would like it to go for at least five seasons.

“Ten’s a long time, but I wish we hadn’t stopped,” Cox said referring to Friends. “It would’ve been nice to do 11.”

What could they have done? “Oh my gosh. I don’t know, but I was watching an episode the other and day and it still holds up! Just holds up!”

Perhaps it’s time for that Friends movie. What do you think? Should there be a Friends flick? Sound off below.

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