5 Things You Didn’t Know About Courteney Cox

Saturday, Feb 27, 2010

Since theres not much news on Court right now,thought this might be an interested read :)

Sure, you know Courteney Cox as the sexy star of ABC’s Wednesday comedy Cougar Town, wife to actor David Arquette and mom to 5-year-old daughter Coco. But here are some things you might not know about her:

1. She likes to eat: “At a diner, I’ll get scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, sliced tomato, cottage cheese and a scooped-out onion bagel with cream cheese … My favorite meal is New York grilled steak with sautéed garlic spinach and broccoli and maybe garlic chips or garlic fries. I like anything green and I love steak.”

2. She has a celebrity crush: “Johnny Depp! He’s my favorite actor of our day. He’s it! Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with my husband, but Johnny Depp is adorable!”

3. She swears by the Tracey Anderson Method workout: “It kicks my ass and I love it. The Tracey Anderson Method is two parts: dance aerobics and toning. The whole process is about working your accessory muscles, not just your major muscle groups that get worked all the time. You never stay in one constant motion so you don’t get bulky in one particular area. I was turned onto it in July, and I’ve seen a big change in my body. And you want the [workout] room to be very hot.”

4. She loves clean teeth: “I’m all about brushing my teeth. I like a hard toothbrush – I do not care whatever plaque I’m taking off, I want it all off! And I switch off between vanilla mint and cinnamon Crest and Elgydium by Pierre Fabre from France. It’s potent and I like it.”

5. She likes to rock out: “I work out to all Michael Jackson songs. And I’m a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I like ‘Tell Me Baby’ and ‘Snow.’ [Another] favorite is Jay-Z and Alicia Key’s ‘Empire State of Mind,’ because my daughter can sing Alicia’s whole part. I don’t even know how she knows the words.”


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