Happy 6th Birthday Coco!

Sunday, Jun 13, 2010

Courteney and David’s beautiful daughter Coco Riley Arquette turns 6 years old today(June 13th). We wish Coco a very happy birthday and hope she has a wonderful day and gets everything she wishes for! Courteney went into labour on hers and David’s 5th wedding anniversary in 2004 and gave birth to Coco the day after. What a very special month this is for their family,as Courteney’s birthday is also in 2 days time. Happy birthday Coco! xxx

3 Comments on “Happy 6th Birthday Coco!”

  1. She’s beautiful. She looks like Courts but with David’s eyes & Rosanna or Patricia’s hair ;)

  2. Aww, yeah, she’s definitely David’s little girl! I think she looks like a mini-David, with little bits of Courteney in her! And yeah, with Rosanna and Patricia’s hair! ♥ :)

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