Happy Birthday Courteney!

Tuesday, Jun 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Courteney!!! This gorgeous woman turns 46 years old today,although she does not look a day over 30!! Hope you have a fantastic day sweetie,and David and Coco spoil you <3 Hope you liked your birthday book from the us and your best fans! xxx

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  1. MY LIFE, IS TODAY! or rather, almost, to countdown the msn, missing 9 minutes! more finally, I want you to be more than happy, today and ALWAYS, and if you have a dream or two, I wanted all of them can accomplish more as I can not, I ask God that they all take place! you’re more than everything to me, I really love you! Luisa, BRAZIL!

  2. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and talented actress in the world! I hope David and Coco do spoil her, and make sure she has the best day ever! ♥ :)

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