Friends Forever

Tuesday, Jan 5, 2010

Here’s a tv guide interview with Lisa Kudrow. I’m posting this here because she talks about Courteney & her appearances in Cougar Town. I think its interesting to read.

You’re playing a dermatologist opposite your former Friend Courteney Cox on the January 6 episode of Cougar Town. Is it basically Phoebe in a lab coat?
Not at all. This character is much tougher than Phoebe and totally insensitive. I come in and tell Jules, “You’ve got really weird skin, OK?” Then we talk about Botox and I go, “I feel great about myself, so I don’t need to inject poison into my head.” Oh, and then it turns out I’m having an affair with Jules’ ex-husband, Bobby. I was thrilled when the chance came up to do the show. I’m a big fan of Cougar Town. I think it’s so smart, and I do laugh out loud when I watch it.

Wasn’t it just yesterday you were singing “Smelly Cat” on Friends? Now you’re a cougar. Where did the time go?
Tell me about it! But if you really want to feel your age, hang around with Courteney. She looks so amazing.

Can a woman in her forties look like a woman in her forties in Hollywood?
I think so. Personally, I’ve resisted Botox and plastic surgery. For better or worse. It makes people look like they can’t move their face, and that can be weird. I like to look like I’m having a thought. Of course, if I start looking like a Shar-pei having a thought, maybe I’ll reconsider.

What was it like doing comedy with Courteney again?
It was like no time had passed. We’re not Phoebe and Monica anymore, but Courteney and I had the exact same kind of fun. We were cracking each other up between takes. We were doing scenes a bunch of different ways. When you’ve done as much TV together as we have, you feel safe letting loose, and that’s when things start to get hilarious. But Courteney is so impressive. Not only is she acting on this show, but she’s also producing and being a mom and doing a million other things. She never says, “I’ve got too much going on.”

How does it feel looking back now on the Friends experience?
Oh, I feel very, very, very lucky. Because of all the changes in network television, sitcoms don’t exist on that level anymore. I’m grateful we were able to reach so many people. I’m grateful we had so much fun making it. And, OK, I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about paying the mortgage anymore.

When you see the casts from Seinfeld and Sex and the City reuniting, do you ever think about a Friends reunion?
It would be fun to all be together again, but I really don’t know what circumstances would make that happen. There have been rumors of us reuniting almost since the day the show ended, but nothing has ever been presented to me as far as a script or anything. Honestly, I think we might have to wait 20 years and have younger actors goof on us, like they did with the Brady Bunch movies.

What’s next for you?
For a long time, I’ve been working on a show called Who Do You Think You Are? that’s hopefully—finally—coming to NBC this spring. It’s all shot and edited. It’s a nonscripted genealogy series. Each episode traces the family tree or tracks down a family story from a famous person who appears in the episode. So far, we’ve announced Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon and myself.

Will we see any Friends on that show?
You never know. But I’d love to have them. It’s all about finding the story. Maybe we can find the relative who gave Courteney those genes that keep her looking so great.


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