Courteney Cox sends creepy Christmas cards

Thursday, Jan 7, 2010

Courteney Cox and David Arquette sent creepy Christmas cards to family and friends.The couple, together with daughter Coco, dressed up in gothic-style clothes for their homemade greeting.

While Cox, 45, looked like Morticia Addams in a long black dress and cardigan, her 38-year-old husband donned a patterned jacket, hat and sunglasses and wielded a fencing sword.Coco, five, wore a witch’s hat and cloak, and carried a broomstick, while an unidentified man joined them and sported an Elvis-style jumpsuit.Arquette, who wed former Friends actress Cox in 1999, showed off the Christmas card during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s US chat show.

The front of the card, which included a photo of Coco playing in a field, carried the message: “Remember to have fun this year.”

Inside, above the gothic-style picture, it read: “And we mean it. Love, the Arquettes.”

The back, which featured a photo of Arquette wearing clown facepaint and Coco in a fluffy white outfit, added: “Seriously.”

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