2009-2010 New Show Awareness By Each Network

Tuesday, Sep 1, 2009

Awareness studies from Nielsen go to all the networks to help them determine how many potential viewers are aware of their new shows… And if the broadcasters need to adjust their marketing messages… Some of this is a slippery slope because, say, a network show is premiering late and the marketing has barely begun… Spinoffs and remakes (NCIS, Cleveland Show, Melrose Place, SNL) tend to have higher awareness than new originals… Dramas usually have higher awareness than sitcoms at this stage of the summer because they start production earlier and have more footage to show… So, with those warnings:

Best Awareness Among 18-49 Demo By Network

Cougar Town
Flash Forward (strong intent-to-view sentiment among those aware of this show)
Worst: Hank

NCIS: Los Angeles (also strong intent to view)
The Good Wife
Worst: Three Rivers (doesn’t premiere until October)

The Cleveland Show (very strong intent to view)
Worst: Brothers

SNL Weekend Update (good intent-to-view)
Worst: Community

Melrose Place
Vampire Diaries (strong intent to view)
Worst: The Beautiful Life