Courteney Cox Gets A Surprise Visit From The Family

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2009

Courteney Cox was hard at work on the set of her new  television series, Cougar Town, in Culver City, CA today (September 8).

At one point, the gorgeous actress’ husband David Arquette – who is celebrating his 38th birthday today — made a surprise visit with their adorable daughter Coco, thoughtfully bringing his wife some lunch.

The birthday boy later jetted off, leaving his wife to get back to work, and 5-year-old Coco to be looked after by a nanny on set.

Cougar Town, a somehwat raunchy comedy about a recently divorced mom in Florida looking to date, premieres September 23.

Says Courteney of her man-hungry 40-something-year-old small screen alter ego: “I hope this show is a huge hit and that people love it. Because I like playing this character more than any character I’ve ever played.”

Even more than Monica Geller? More than Gale Weathers, the tabloid reporter from the Scream movies? “Yeah!” she says proudly. “This show says what I think.”