Busy Phillips Talks Cougar Town

Wednesday, Jun 9, 2010

It has been rumoured that Taye Diggs will guest star on the new season of Cougar Town. When E!Online caught up with Busy yesterday she gave gossip and spoke about Courteney.Read more below.

It’s true, Bill Lawrence and Courteney Cox are talking about it,” Busy told us, “and I know that Stephen McPherson, who runs ABC, has said whatever they decide to do he’s on board with.”

Busy continued: “They just feel like the name Cougar Town is not indicative of what the show became at the end of the series, and I agree with them.” Ditto that! “I don’t know what changing the title will do—maybe open it up to a whole new audience?”

A new audience better be down with the same ol’ Laurie, because Busy revealed some season two secrets about her alterna-self.

“Laurie got a serious boyfriend and she’s going to continue with her serious relationship,” Busy explained. “But I have a feeling she’s going to feel too hemmed in and she’ll have to go a little crazy again. She and Jules are going to have to have a real pow-wow about the fact that Laurie slept with Grayson early in the season.”

Watch out. Courteney is kind of a badass. “I am not looking forward to that,” Busy teased. “I like Courteney, and I don’t want to have to fight with her.”