Cougar Town Actors Face Off Against Writers on Vulture

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011

Much like the Parks and Recreation crew during their downtime, the Cougar Town cast and crew are going to be keeping busy on Vulture during their two-month hiatus. Creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel have kindly agreed to put their downtime to good use by settling a series of long-simmering disputes between the show’s actors and writers right here on Vulture. Each week, a different cast member will help air out a rift between him or herself and the scribes — and then settle said grievance once and for all. This week, we kick off with Dan Byrd, who plays Courteney Cox’s long-suffering son, Travis. Turns out his Bieber-simple hairstyle is the subject of much scorn on the show’s set, and the time has come for an intervention. Click the video to see what happens, then come back to Vulture every Wednesday for a new grudge match.?