“Scream 4” Early Test Screenings

Saturday, Jan 8, 2011

The screening, which took place Thursday, January 6th in Pittsburgh, elicited a number of positive reactions which can be found strewn across the internet, from Twitter to Scream-Trilogy.net to IMDB.com. (Thanks to /Film for finding the quotes.) Check out the various reactions below:

From DanielleRocks of Scream-Trilogy.net:

“It was phenomenal! What can I say. This outshines the 3rd one easily. Definitely the bloodiest of all of them, but I feel like they’ll edit some of it down. An unrated DVD would be nice to have though. All the acting was superb. Not one flaw. The opening scene was hilarious and brutal. Definitely a lot of great Williamson writing. The characters all felt very genuine. Gale was back to her bitchy self, and had a bunch of great one-liners. The ending was insanity. Easily the best of all the series, in my opinion, anyways. The crowd experience was great, and everybody was totally into it. Cannot WAIT to see this in theaters come April. Hopefully they don’t change anything. Loved it loved it loved it.”

Here’s a bulleted breakdown of other reactions to Scream 4, almost all of which were glowing:

  • Scream 4 has the best opening scene of the series — smart, hilarious, and absolutely brutal
  • The movie is very similar to the original Scream and nearly as scary
  • It’s better than Scream 2 and 3
  • One of the roles was severely miscast — the commenter declined to say which one

Alas, there was one at least one person in attendance whose reaction was, shall we say, less than positive. /Film points out one viewer who thought the ending was very dragged out and wasn’t impressed with the killer.

Thankfully, there’s still time to improve, because the print – which was between an hour and forty-five minutes long and two hours – was far from finished, as it was missing more than a few effects shots.

The official Scream 4 plot sees Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell, now a self-help book author, returning home to Woodsboro as the final stop on her book tour. She reconnects with Sheriff Dewey, played by David Arquette, and Gale Weathers, played Courteney Cox. Death and mayhem, of course, ensue shortly thereafter.


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