Cougar Town Boss: There’s No End in Sight for “Solid” Jules & Grayson

Thursday, Nov 4, 2010

We just chatted with Cougar Town show runner Kevin Biegel, who assures us fans that current Cougar lovers Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) are “solid,” for now and for a long, long time to come…

“Grayson and Jules are good,” Kevin tells us. “The typical thing to do would be to have things go well for a little bit, then somewhere midway through the season you go, ‘Oh jeez, they are hitting a rough patch!’ and then at the end of the season you say, ‘Oh no, what are we going to do break them up?’

Lucky for us, C.T. is anything but typical!

Explains Cougar Town‘s boss man: “I just like them together as a couple, and like seeing a normal functioning couple on television where every week isn’t one of those episodes [where you think] ‘Is this the episode where they break up? Is this the relationship drama that they wont be able to get over?’ No, it’s a couple, and they fight, they find a common ground, and things get a little more serious week to week.”

Translation: Yippee! Grayson and Jules are here to stay.

“I just enjoy watching those two together,” adds Kevin. “They play up each others’ strengths really well. [I love] having them as a couple but not having every single episode be a couple story, you know what I’m saying?”

10-4. But now the obligatory breakup question. What happens when or if the Cougar Town Powers That Be decide to split the all-mighty Grules (ew!)?

“There are three options,” he laughs. “We either have them just stay together, and we don’t really play it up all the time; we could have them split up and cause a lot of drama; or we could have them get more serious and, to be honest, then split them up because we can’t make this work. That’s not as interesting to me as the other two options because, why not? Jules met a guy, she likes him and maybe this thing will lead someplace next year.”

Jules and Grayson. Successful relationship. More guitar. All good things—especially if they really do span into next season.

Also a good thing: ScrubsKen Jenkins (Dr. Kelso) reentering the Bill Lawrence realm tonight in Cougar Town‘s Halloween-themed episode as Jules’ countrified dad.

“We knew right away that we wanted him to be her father on the show because Courteney
is playing a Southern girl,” gushes Kevin. “And Ken is a total Southern guy. He’s got an accent, he loves just hanging out playing his guitar in the back of his truck, so it was just perfect. The character is a charming Southern gentleman, and he totally fit in perfectly with the cast.”

“It’s this cool episode about Jules dealing with some issues about her mom passing away, and just connecting with her father,” he says. “It’s actually it is a pretty dramatic episode at the end. Ken carries it with Courteney beautifully. It’s a ridiculously goofy episode for 90 percent of it, and the final 10 percent is ‘Awww…sweet.’ ”

As for the funny, Kevin promises good things: “Any time we can have a story where a father’s telling a daughter he loves her, and then throughout the episode you also have Barb dressed as a pile of hay and Ellie (Christa Miller) and Laurie (Busy Philipps) dressed like each other, that’s a win.”

Source: E Online