Courteney Cox ‘cant believe how different’ her and her husband are

Friday, Aug 13, 2010

Actress Courteney Cox ‘can’t believe how different’ her and husband David Arquette are.The 46-year-old has revealed that each year she realises more and more how dissimilar the pair are.

When asked about her initial attraction to David, the Scream 4 star told Emmy magazine: ‘He was pretty dangerous, like a bad boy – I was so young.

‘We are so different that each year I can’t believe how different we are.’

But Cox added that they do have one similarity.

She said: ‘The one thing that is similar is that we have a similar sense of humour.

‘Well, no, that’s not true, we do not have a similar sense of humour, but his is so broad that I fit in part of it.’

The Cougar Town star added: ‘He’s a unique human being, and a real character.’

Courteney also admitted that being the only Friends cast member not to receive an Emmy nomination did not feel good.

She said: ‘I tell you, my ego got really bruised, when everyone did but me, that does not feel good at all.

‘There were certain years I thought, ‘Maybe I have a shot,’ like the Monica-Chandler years but I don’t know how it happens and why or how – maybe I wasn’t ready.”