Courteney Cox: ‘I avoided rom-coms’

Monday, Aug 16, 2010

Courteney Cox has revealed that she never pursued starring in romantic comedies as a younger actress.

The Cougar Town star admitted that she lacked the self-esteem to dive into the genre but has claimed that at 46 years old she is now confident enough to take on any role.

Speaking to Emmy magazine, she said: “I always talked myself out of going in to read. I don’t know if I had that much confidence. [Today] I’m much more content. I was always thinking that I needed to do something else, be more mysterious. I felt the need to prove myself. Now I’m not going to be the ingénue anymore. I’m probably not going to do a lot of the things that I wish I had done, but now I don’t care.”

The actress also insisted that after an 11-year marriage to David Arquette, she still can’t believe how “different” the two are from one another.

Cox added: “He was pretty dangerous, like a bad boy. I was so young. We’re so different that each year I can’t believe how different we are. The one thing that’s similar is that we have a similar sense of humour. Well, no, that’s not true. We do not have a similar sense of humour, but his is so broad that I fit in part of it. He’s a unique human being, and a real character.”

Source: Digital Spy