Cougar Town Co-Star Busy Philipps Talks Courteney Cox

Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010

Courteney’s “Cougar Town” co-star Busy Philipps recently done an interview and made a mention about Courteney. Read it below

Now having the last laugh, Busy is riding high as Courteney Cox’s gal pal and assistant Laurie Keller in Cougar Town. Cox plays divorced mother and real estate agent Jules Cobb, who is trying to get back into the dating world. Philipps is the younger, party hearty friend helping her get her groove back. Ultimately the two get into all sorts of mischief along the way. This scenario is a major turn for Philipps, who is enjoying co-starring on a brand new series after years of playing solid supporting roles.

“Courteney Cox sets the bar really high for the rest of us,” says Busy sincerely.

“She’s just so lovely, funny, sweet and incredibly generous. I remember when I got the show another actress friend of mine was being snotty about it and said ‘well how are you ever going to be allowed be funny on that show because Courteney is the lead.’ And that’s just not the case, she wants everyone to shine in their own way.”

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