“Scream 4” filming scheduled to get under way

Monday, Jun 28, 2010

Don’t be surprised to see cast members from “Scream 4” around the area in the coming days.

A publicity representative for the movie had earlier said shooting was scheduled to start today in Ann Arbor. And director Wes Craven said on his Twitter page Friday, “Last week before shooting. Monday is D-Day.”

A commenter on an earlier story reported seeing some of the cast members at Prickly Pear on Main Street.

The celebrity-spotting website “On Location Vacations” notes that former TV host Nancy O’Dell tweeted that she has a scene in the movie, and included a photo from the set.

No specific filming sites have been announced publicly.

The stars of the movie include Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette from the first three “Scream” movies. According to the Internet Movie Data Base, the cast also includes Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts, Lauren Graham and Rory Culkin.

Meanwhile, in other “Scream 4” news, Hollwood.com reports that Lake Bell has dropped out of the cast due to scheduling conflicts.

The “Scream” franchise has been a huge success, combining slasher-movie plots with tongue-in-cheek humor. “Scream 4” is set for release April 15.

“Scream 4” isn’t the only movie in the area; Richard Gere and Topher Grace were in town Friday working on “The Double.” And a Civil War movie is reportedly shooting outside Saline.

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  1. well courtney cox is reported to be in dearborn michigan rite no w pretty kool

  2. Courtney was in Northville yesterday and will be in Dearborn at the Middle School today. July 8

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