Busy Philipps Praises Cougar Town Co-star Courteney Cox

Tuesday, Jun 29, 2010

Busy Philipps has described her Cougar Town co-star Courteney Cox as “incredibly open”.

Philipps explained that Cox has taught her a lot during the time they have worked together.

“Comedically, you can’t buy the kind of experience she got when she was on Friends,” she said. “But seeing how she brings that into her producing of the show too, how she’s very hands-on and how that works for her, has been really rewarding and informing.”

Philipps continued: “She’s not just a producer on our show in title only. She give script notes, she’s in the editing room all the time, she’s always watching cuts of the show.”

However, Philipps explained that she feels comfortable working with Cox even though the star also produces the programme.

“When we’re working together as actors, we’re just working together as actors,” she said. “She’s more of a creative producer, more that than a cracking the whip type. She’s an incredibly open person. I think because she was such a big part of such a big show for years, she decided she couldn’t hide anything, because it would come out anyway.”

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  1. My adult son and I were out for a quick bite to eat last night in AA and it was nice to catch sight of CC relaxing streetside over a glass of wine. My son is a Sommelier, but apparently I’m better at recognizing a pretty celeb as he didn’t believe me. My wife passed away 6 months ago, so I hope CC will pass along my availability to her friend, JA. : – )

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