Jennifer Aniston Wanted for ‘Cougar Town’

Thursday, Apr 22, 2010

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox teaming up on TV again? Sheryl Crow says she’d love to see it.

The singer wants Aniston to follow her lead and guest star in “Cougar Town,” according to People. “She’d be great at anything. I mean, my gosh. Who wouldn’t want to see Jennifer Aniston and Courteney again?” Crow said. The Grammy winner, who is guest starring in three episodes, admits she would be intimidated by a repairing of the former “Friends” stars, but would enjoy the chance to work with them. “I’d be way out of my league but how lovely,” she said.

Aniston has not commented about a possible stint on “Cougar Town,” but said recently she wants to try her hand at directing films. “I have a project in development I’m going to direct. After you get enough movies under your belt you sit back and go, ‘What’s next?’,” Aniston said. “It’s getting to a time where creatively I want to turn in a different direction.”


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  1. There has been a lot of nasty remarks about Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the world wide web recently. I believe she looks terrific, particularly following losing a few pounds.

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