Courteney Can’t Work Out How Old People In Hollywood Are

Saturday, Mar 27, 2010

Courteney Cox can’t work out how old most people in Hollywood are as they’ve all had so much plastic surgery.

The actress loves living in Los Angeles, but admits there are some strange aspects to her life there. She is currently appearing in TV show Cougar Town, in which she plays a divorcee who starts dating younger guys. Courteney says there are lots of cougars where she lives, although it can be hard to tell their actual age as they all undergo copious cosmetic operations.

“It’s strange because I used to think cougars were women who had excessive amounts of plastic surgery and wanted to look young to date guys,” she explained. “It was just, like, inappropriate. But now I think they’re simply women who feel confident enough to go out with younger men, just like men have been doing their whole lives. But I can’t tell how old anyone is these days anyway – particularly in Hollywood. It’s ridiculous!”

Courteney, 45, has five-year-old daughter Coco with her husband David Arquette, 38. She loves partying with other cougars, explaining they often make her laugh.

She told Look magazine..

“Yes, I had a cougar over to my house on Sunday,I didn’t ask her if she watched the show but she was a fully-fledged, no doubt about it, cougar.”