Witty and sharp, Cougar Town deserves to be a hit

Monday, Mar 22, 2010

As we reported to you here last week,Cougar Town starts in the UK next week.Below is a nice little article about the show and what UK viewers can expect.

Launching next week Cougar Town is LIVING’s latest US signing and having been treated to a sneak preview of episode one I can tell you it’s great stuff and deserves to be a huge hit.The series features former-Friends star Courteney Cox as 40-something single mum Jules, who finds herself re-entering the dating scene with wrinkles she’s ashamed of and a teenage son (Dan Byrd) embarrassed by her exploits.

It’s not long before the reluctant Jules is joining other aged divorcees in prowling around after the hot younger men of her small town and while she may have doubts about the ‘age thing’ it’s quickly clear the local youths have no such qualms.

Consistently funny with a high quota of genuine ‘laugh of loud’ moments, Cougar Town is a rare example of a show deserving the hype being lavished on it.

Nuanced and believably vulnerable, Cox’s portrayal of Jules is light years beyond both her Friends character Monica and her role of hard-faced magazine editor Lucy Spiller in the excellent but sadly cancelled Dirt.

On the strength of the first episode Byrd who plays son Travis threatens to be a show stealer as he struggles to cope with mum’s new-found sex life and the embarrassments it brings.

With the row over agism on British TV still very much alive, Cougar Town is a timely addition to the schedules but more importantly than that it’s great fun.

Sensibly re-commissioned in the US for a second series – not something our US cousins can always be relied on for – the half-hour show is being aired in a double-bill from March 30th.