Courteney Cox: ‘I like pushing limits’

Monday, Mar 29, 2010
Courteney Cox has admitted that she is much ruder than her Cougar Town character.

The actress explained that she loves filming sex scenes for the show, The People reports.

“I’m pretty dirty, so I love pushing it to that limit,” she said. “There’s a part when my son walks in on me when I’m with this younger man, and that’s happened to a friend of mine. She pretended to be like, ‘Oh, there you are’.”

Cox added that the conversations her character has in the show are realistic.

“This is just girls talking, real-life stuff,” she explained. “My friend Christa Miller who is in Cougar Town was over last night and our conversations were a thousand times worse than the ones we have on the show.”

She continued: “I think it’s important to be relevant and real and I like to push things, but I’m surprised what we’ve got away with. And I hope it stays that way.”