Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s Jewellery Collaboration

Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009

COURTENEY COX and David Arquette have collaborated with US jewellery label Satya to create a range of affordable butterfly-adorned pieces in aid of a cause close to their hearts, but one that many people, as yet, know little about.

“There is a beautiful child named Brendon, the son of one of our dear friends, Andrea Pett Joseph, who was born with EPIDERMOLYSIS BULLOSA or EB,” Arquette told VOGUE.COM. “We were not aware of the condition until it affected us personally but, of course, once we got to know this incredible child we wanted to do whatever we could to help.”

EB is a rare and life-threatening genetic condition which results in the skin developing burn-like wounds, making even simple tasks incredibly difficult. David and Courteney designed the collection with the Satya founders, Beth and Satya, and used the butterfly motif to symbolise the fragility of the EB childrens’ skin.
Courteney and David both agree that the birth of their daughter Coco caused them to re-evaluate their place in the world and how they use their celebrity.

“I think becoming a parent redefines your understanding of love and compassion,” Arquette confessed. “Beyond spirituality, it is about being a good person and doing what you can to make a difference and make this world a better place. It is important to do positive things in your life.”

Satya’s EB Charity Collection is available from Satya stores, including Henrietta Street in Covent Garden, and from the website For more information on EB visit