Scream Creator Kevin Willianson Talks Scream 4

Saturday, Aug 8, 2009


– Scream Creator Kevin Willianson was recently promoting The Vampire Diaries, and discussion of Scream 4 started up. Here are the highlights:

How Is Scream 4 Progressing?: Well, I was just trying to get over there to talk to him about it. I’m writing it. I’ve been hired to write it. I’m concentrating on the first twelve episodes of Vampire Diaries, and thank god I have the time, because Courteney [Cox] and David are returning, but Courteney’s show [Cougar Town] got picked up. And so we won’t get to film until the next hiatus, which is good for me. So I can actually have fun writing it. I’m half way through it.

When Will The Storyline Pick Up?: It takes place ten years later… [Laughs] That’s all you’re gonna get.

What About Neve Campbell’s Involvement?: You know what, I still go to sleep each night thinking maybe that will change. But as of now, no, she’s not going to be in it.

Is Wes Craven Committed To The Film?: Wes is a director who wants to read the script before he commits. And I think that’s kind of where it sits right now. But I believe that with Courteney and David [Arquette] and me and the gang all back together again… Just from an emotional standpoint I don’t see how he can pass it up, because I just think it would be too much fun for him. Because nothing has been more fun than making those movies. It’s a family, and I think we agree that we can’t go back and have a family without Dad at the head of the table. So I have a feeling that we’re going to make him go. Between me, Courteney and David, we’re gonna make him do it. [Laughs]

Credit: IGN