Better than Friends? Courteney Cox reveals Cougar Town role is ‘more me than Monica’

Friday, Sep 4, 2009

The comedy sees her star as Jules, a fortysomething single mother of a 17-year-old son.Fans will see her on the prowl for younger men as she tries to get back into the dating scene.

Earlier this month, the star hinted that her Friends co-star and real-life best friend Jennifer Aniston may make a guest appearance in the ABC sitcom.

It’s five years since she appeared in Friends, but to her fans Courteney Cox will forever be Monica Geller.So it may come as a shock to learn that the actress much prefers her latest role, as the star of Cougar Town.

Courteney, who plays a man-eating divorcee, says: ‘I hope this show is a huge hit and that people love it. Because I like playing this character more than any character I’ve ever played.’And she told the LA Times she prefers her new show to acting in Friends.’This show says what I think,’ she explained.

In photos to promote the show mother-of-one Cox sits with her legs swung around a chair. Her toned figure looks decades younger than her 45 years.

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