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Spotlight Giveaway!

Tuesday, Jul 6, 2010

Yes your eyes are correct. Here at Courteney Online we are doing our first contest/giveaway!! We are giving 3 lucky people the chance to win a bottle of Courteney’s fragrance Spotlight. As I have a family member who works as an Avon Representative I was able to get 3 bottles at half price which I’ve decided to use in this contest. I think its a great gift for you guys who have been so supportive of this site.

The contest is open worldwide. All you need to do is email me with your name and “Spotlight contest” in the subject line to be in for a chance of winning a bottle! Contest ends on July 30th so you have 3 weeks to get your emails in! Please do not enter many times from different email addresses,anyone found doing this will be removed from the contest. On July 30th I will put all names into a hat and have a friend pick 3 at random. I will contact the lucky winners via email shortly after for their addresses. Good luck and if you have any questions email us!

‘Spotlight’ for Avon BTS and Interview

Thursday, Sep 24, 2009

Added a video in the video archive of Courteney behind the scenes of her ‘Spotlight’ for avon shoot and a short interview with her there too. I dont think I’ve posted this here before. The video contains foreign subtitles but doesnt affect the video at all. David is also there in the background smiling,its so cute!

‘Spotlight’ for Avon UK Release Pushed Back

Saturday, Aug 22, 2009

Courteney’s Cox’s ‘Spotlight’ for Avon was originally to be released in June 2009 in the United Kingdom. Avon had now revealed that us unlucky Brits will have to wait an extra few months as the release of the dazzling Spotlight fragrance has now been pushed back to November 2009.

New ‘Spotlight’ promotional image

Wednesday, Jul 8, 2009

added another promotional image for ‘Spotlight’ in the gallery,Courteney looks so beautiful,but in my opinion they have retouched it too much and there really wasnt even need..


Gallery Link – Magazine Scans & Photoshoots – Photoshoot #0124

Spotlight Ads

Tuesday, Mar 31, 2009

I’ve added a few more small ads for “Spotlight” in the gallery.  The fragrance doesnt come out here in the UK for another month so I wont be able to scan the pics from the brochure until then,but if anyone from the US wants to donate their scans please email us

0 1 2

‘Spotlight’ commercial video & captures

Sunday, Mar 29, 2009

Hey guys im having problems with our video centre at the moment but I uploaded the commercial video for Spotlight to the main site instead. Download it here

I also uploaded captures from the commercial to the gallery,and dont forget to check out the ADS and Promotional Photoshoot

01 02 03 04

Gallery Link – Commercial Screen Captures – Avon Spotlight Commercial