David Arquette Loves Acting with Courteney Cox

Sunday, Apr 29, 2012

David Arquette may have moved on from his marriage, but he hasn’t left his relationship with Courteney Cox behind.

The actor will be appearing on Cougar Town’s upcoming season finale, and there was joy in the familiar.

“It’s great to act with Courteney,” he told PEOPLE at Thursday’s Women in Media dinner hosted by the Creative Coalition in Washington, D.C. “I love it. We met on a set, and it’s great to revisit that.”

Cox, too, has no hard feelings toward her ex, with whom she has been separated since 2010. “We treat each other with respect,” Arquette explained. “You don’t throw out all the good times you shared just for the change in feelings.”

As someone with a notable wild streak, Arquette added: “I’m trying to be more grown up nowadays. It’s not easy. In my heart, I just want to swing on these chandeliers, but I’m trying to keep my pants on and not run around naked.”

Having daughter Coco, who turns 8 in June, helps keep the streaker in check. “She loves writing. She’s so funny. Such beautiful little cute stories that she writes,” he said. “But she does have a run-on sentence problem. She’s so adorable.”