Pre-Order The Scream 4 Soundtrack!

Sunday, Mar 20, 2011

The soundtrack for Scream 4 is due to be released on April 12th 2011. You can now pre-order this on amazon.

Track listing includes..

  1. Something To Die For (The Sounds)
  2. Bad Karma (Ida Maria)
  3. Cup Of Coffee (The Novocaines)
  4. Make My Body (The Chain Gang of 1974)
  5. Don’t Mess With The Original (Marco Beltrami)
  6. Yeah Yeah Yeah (The Sounds)
  7. Run For Your Life (6 Day Riot)
  8. Axel F (Raney Shockne)
  9. On Fire (Locksley)
  10. Devils (Say Hi)
  11. Denial (Stereo Black)
  12. Jill’s America (Marco Beltrami)