Exclusive: Cougar Town is Going to Hawaii!

Friday, Feb 4, 2011

Somewhere, there’s a resort in Hawaii stocking up on merlot. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Cougar Town has finalized a deal to shoot its second-season finale on location in the Aloha State!

On second thought, maybe all the resorts in Hawaii are stocking up on wine.

Anyway, no further details on the sure-to-be-intoxicating sweeps stunt are as yet available, but it seems pretty safe to say that the CDS Crew will be going on a little family vacation. (Do they do anything alone?) Perhaps the jaunt is to celebrate Travis successfully completing his freshman year of college? Jules and Grayson getting engaged? Laurie… well, just being Laurie?

Whatever the reason, it’s becoming something of a tradition for ABC to send its comedies to Hawaii. Last year, you’ll recall, Modern Family shot an episode in Maui. Frankly, though, with Cougar Town off the air for the next (gasp! shudder!) 10 weeks (in a — sob! — row!), I think we deserve the trip, don’t we?

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  1. Whatever they do, they should work on the obvious attraction between travis and laurie. Thatd be some fun!

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