Cougar Town Boss Teases Extra Content To Get Through Break

Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011

This Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c, Cougar Town uncorks its last fresh episode for 10-1/2 weeks. That’s right, there’s a “1/2? added in there now that ABC has decided to welcome the sophomore comedy back with a special aprés-Dancing With the Stars time slot on Monday, April 18.

So the good news is that although Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine will claim Cougar Town‘s Wednesday slot starting February 9, and while you now have an additional five days to wait for Jules & Co. to crack open a new bottle of cab, the show will get an ultra-premium showcase upon its return.

There’s also this: “We have plans to provide all sorts of extra content (as you will see during the next ep’s title card) during this gap,” series boss Bill Lawrence shared in a “thank you” letter to us press types. (Hmm, maybe the online version of Penny Can will be kicked up a notch, allowing me a chance to break 70,000 points or “toss copper” from Bobby’s boat?)

Lawrence says he himself is “bummed” about the midseason break “because the last chunk of episodes are really about something.” Explaining that the writers’ yearly formula kicks off with of a short story arc (this season: Travis’ relocation to college) followed by “10-12 vibey-hang out episodes,” when Cougar Town resumes in April the big theme will revolve around “Travis’ descent, and watching him surprisingly follow his Dad’s footsteps.”

“We really love it,” Lawrence says of the springtime run of episodes. “Hope you do, too, when you finally see it.”

But enough with the preemptive wine-ing, folks. Slap out of it and get psyched for tonight’s new episode!