Courteney Cox Cherishes Gift From Jennifer Aniston

Tuesday, Nov 23, 2010

This is so lovely,I know a lot of people have been commenting on how lovely Courteney’s “Coco” necklace is that she’s been wearing lately. See a pic here. Isnt that really sweet?

Jennifer Aniston gave her former “Friends” co-star and longtime friend Courteney Cox a necklace when her daughter, Coco, was born, and the actress is still keeping it close to her heart almost seven years later.

Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush caught up with the “Cougar Town” star this weekend at the OmniPeace by Jordan Klein charity event on Friday. The actress, who serves as an ambassador for humanitarian fashion brand, is working with OmniPeace founder Mary Fanaro to end poverty in Africa.

“Now tell me Courteney, you’re wearing two things on you right now that you care about a lot, OmniPeace is one but I love your little chain Coco,” Billy said.

“Thank you, [I] got this when she was born from Jennifer,” she told Billy.

“Jennifer Aniston gave you that? How cute,” Billy said.

“Not Jennifer Aniston, my friend, um, Jennifer, um… no, I’m just kidding,” the actress joked.

“But do you wear it everyday? ” Billy inquired.

“You know what? Recently I’ve been wearing it every single day,” the 46-year-old actress, who recently separated from husband David Arquette, told Billy. “I re-found it again, because obviously, she’s 6-and-a-half years old… I wear it everyday, ‘cause, you know, she’s my girl.”

In addition to her own little one, Courteney is opening her heart to other children through her work with the fashion brand. OmniPeace is about to build its fourth school in Africa in just three years with the proceeds from their T-shirt and hoodie sales at Kitson stores in Southern California.