‘Cougar Town’ sneak peek: Jules has a new project

Wednesday, Oct 6, 2010

Hey, Josh Hopkins, what’s with the glasses and look of exasperation?

Oh yeah — your “Cougar Town” character, Grayson, is suffering from the effects of Jules’ (Courteney Cox) complete attention now that her son has left for college. With Travis (Dan Byrd) gone, Jules suddenly has a lot of free time and obsession space to fill, and Grayson is the unfortunate recipient of much of that, as you’ll see in Wednesday’s (Oct. 6) episode.

The clip below explains the glasses — though we don’t know whether anyone starts calling him “Tiny Four-Eyes” — and Grayson explains his feelings in song.

The episode, titled “Makin’ Some Noise,” also has the rest of the gang indulging their musical proclivities. At school, meanwhile, Travis struggles with his much-discussed “reinvention,” and we’ll get to see a little more of his roommate Kevin (LaMarcus Tinker of “Friday Night Lights”).

“Cougar Town” airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC. Here’s a piece of the episode: