Courteney Cox New Show “Cougar Town” Too X-Rated For ABC

Thursday, Apr 9, 2009

Courteney Cox better clean up her new act or she’ll find herself in the unemployment line, ABC bosses say. The former Friends star will make her debut on the network’s new dramedy Cougar Town this fall, but the proposed series–about a bunch of middle-aged broads screwing every man under 29 – is getting a giant thumbs down from stunned censors and execs.

Execs are already locked in a furious battle with exec producer Cox, warning her that network TV ain’t cable – and she and her Writers Gone Wild can’t push the envelope past “edgy” to “filthy.”

According to a scoop featured in the April 13 issue of The National Enquirer, the show’s script is peppered with X-plicit, raunchy references to kinky sex, the f-word, and sex with boys as young as 15…