The Bedtime Stories Cast Brings Magic to LA

Saturday, Dec 20, 2008

Keri Russell and Courteney Cox matched their black sashes but weren’t accompanied by their husbands at the Bedtime Stories premiere in LA last night (december 18). Adam Sandler brought his wife, Jackie, who Keri recently thanked for helping cast her in the movie. Russell Brand stayed away from his costar and ex, Teresa Palmer, but did mention that he’s hoping to share a New Year’s kiss with a Jonas Brother. Sadie, Sunny, Coco, and River didn’t come to this screening, but seeing mom or dad’s movie should make for a special gift in addition to all of the other holiday season fun.

Source: Popsugar

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  1. Your comments about marriage are so appreciated. I will show them to my daughters in the hope it will help them avoid what happened with their parents – D-I_V-O_R-C-E.

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