Courteney Cox feels lucky to have Aniston for friend

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008

‘Friends’ star Courteney Cox believes that Jennifer Aniston is a true friend of hers as she has stood by her through troubled times.
“We’ve known each other for nearly 15 years now, we grew up together emotionally. I lost my father, Jen got divorced, and I had a baby,” she told a magazine.

44-year-old Courteney insisted that she felt “lucky” to have her ‘Friends’ co-star for a pal.

“We’ve been through huge life changes together. I can still be myself around her. We never judge each other, we support each other, but we’re honest with each other too. I feel lucky to have her,” said Courteney.

Aniston, 41, who is also godmother to Courteney’s four-year-old daughter Coco, vistis her friend regularly and also spent her Christmas this year with Courteney and her husband David Arquette.

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