Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, Jul 6, 2010

Are you affiliated with Courteney or her representatives?
No, we are an 100% unofficial fan made site for fans.

How can I contact Courteney?
We will not under any circumstances give out Courteney’s personal details. If you wish to write fanmail to Courteney,you can find the address online

Do you know Courteney or have you ever met her?
No, we do not personally know her nor have we ever met her.

Does/has Courteney ever come to this site?
As far as we know, no. But hopefully she has!

Can I use one of your sites photos for my site, magazine or other publicated service?
No, simply because we do not own the rights to these photos. They are tagged to show they were originally posted here but it does not mean that we own them in any way. All of the photos in the gallery has been scanned, capped, searched for by us. This has taken lots of time and hard work, so please have that in mind and don’t take the photos.

Can I use the pictures for fan art and things like that?
Absolutely! And you can always send it to us and we will put it up to share with other fans.

How do I contact the webmasters of this site?
If you want to ask something or want to speak to us, do it here and we will try to answer as soon as we can. If you want to contribute to the site do it, by using the same form/e-mail.

Who maintains this website?
This website is run by Jess.

Previous owner?

Do you get paid for this?
No we don’t. We use money from our own pockets to provide the fans with new layouts,magazines to be scanned, DVD’s to screen cap and much more that we buy for you guys. If you’d like to consider donating towards the costs please email us.