The Trouble with Larry

Character: Gabriella Easden

Created by: Andrew Nicholls, Darrell Vickers

Cast Members: Bronson Pinchot, Alex McKenna

Release date: August 25, 1993

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 30m

During his honeymoon, the irrepressible Larry Burton is dragged off into the jungle by a large-sized male baboon and is presumed dead – eaten by apes. However, defying all odds, Larry survives and, after many comic-strip-type adventures, returns home to re-establish himself as head of the household – little realising that his wife, Sally, has married the staid and conservative Boyd Flatt during the intervening ten years, and that she is now the mother of a bright and lively nine year old daughter. Larry’s return home causes considerable upheaval and consternation for the family – not least being his subsequent attempts to woo a reluctant Gabriella, his former sister-in-law, who had taken a distinct dislike to him prior to his disappearance and is still definitely opposed to the idea of getting to know Larry on a more intimate basis.

Episode Guide

The Homecoming

After having been “dead” for a decade, Larry returns to resume his role as head of his family. He is surprised to find his wife, Sally, remarried and raising the daughter her fathered. Sally’s husband is none to pleased to see Larry either.

The Vigilantes

Tough man Larry hits the streets after Lindsay’s bike is stolen and robbers break into Gabriella’s apartment.

My Science Fair Lady

Larry tries to help his daughter’s school science project, even pretending to be a robot she supposedly invented. Although this is seen through, Larry’s jungle knowledge lets him expose the official science fair winner as another fake, leveling the playing field.

The Angel of Death and Taxes

Witless for the Prosecution

Rhinestone Cowboy

Pinata Full of Bones

Script developed by Never Enough Design