Get Well Soon

Character: Lily Charles

Directed by: Justin McCarthy

Written by: Justin McCarthy

Cast Members: Vincent Gallo, Anne Meara, Tate Donovan

Release date: June 4, 2002

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Duration: 1h 35m

He left her for fame.. but wants her back. She still loves him.. but isn't sure she can trust him. Now they both have to face the truth.

Memorable Quotes

Bobby: Lily, don’t disappear.
Lily: Why, why, because you’re the only one who can disappear? You’re in my fucking living room five nights a week, don’t talk to me about disappearing!
Bobby: Four nights. We repeated on Monday.
Lily: No, No, I know that because I even watch that. That’s how fucking pathetic I am.
Bobby: The show’s good.
Lily: The least you can do, if you’re gonna leave me… is leave me. You have to become a part of pop culture, in my fucking living room five nights a week!
Bobby: Oh, oh, excuse me! Excuse me for being successful! That’s what I did!

Mark: [to Lily] Rosie O’Donnell’s gonna crucify him! What an idiot!
Bobby: [Later, to Mitch] All I know is, Rosie O’Donnell’s gonna crucify me.
Keith: How’s Dick?
Lily: Mark is fine. He says hi.

Lily: Mom, come on, you’re not homeless!
Linda: I could be!
Lily: Yeah, we all COULD be, but you’re NOT!

Cindy: [talking about Linda] But she doesn’t even smoke!
Lily: That’s what I’m saying! She just started today! See how weird?

Lily: I thought you were funny!
Bobby: I AM funny!
Lily: I rearranged my living room furniture so that we could play talk show!

Lily: I am not some Hollywood diva! I do my own hair!
Keith: I like your hair.

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