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Hello people

Hi! I’m Eli. and from now on I’m going to be in charge of this site, along with Eric. We hope you stay with us reading and enjoying everything on Courteney. We’re happy for the chance Chanel is giving us, allowing us to adopt this site. We will continue the great job she was making with this site.
if you have any doubt, suggestion and/or complaint, feel free to share it with either of us.


New Version

As you can see I’ve put up a new layout on the site and the gallery. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think:)

Courteney Online Now On Tumblr

Follow us over there too to get the latest on Courteney and the site.

New Site & Gallery layout

I added some brand new layouts to the site and gallery. The sitelayout was made by Lindsey from Twilight Designs. I think she did such an amazing job! Really love it. Hope you like it as much as I do. The gallery layout and coding was made by me. Enjoy!

New Layout + Gallery Note

Firstly Hi, as you can see we have a new layout, hope you like it. I loved the other one I just think it was time for a change of colors. Second I’m currently re doing the entire gallery to sort the files better and to make it easier to browse. As you might know the gallery is huge so it will take a while. During this time both galleries will be open but I willl be deleting files in the old gallery as I put them in the new gallery, so if there’s files missing in the old gallery go to the new one the files are going to be there and the new files are going to be uploaded in the new gallery, the old one won’t be updated anymore and will eventually be deleted. Thanks for understanding and please click on Pictures on the top navigation to get access to both galleries.

Celebrating 5 Years Online!

Courteney Online is celebrating 5 years online today,what an amazing milestone! A lot of hard work has gone into the site during this time,and we are now the #1 fansource for all your Courteney needs.

I have two thankyous to make,firstly a huge thank you to Courteney herself for all of her being so amazing and making running this site an absolute pleasure!  Secondly I’d like to thank our visitors,for visiting us daily and for the amount of support you give the site! You guys rock!

I’ve been planning on revamping the content pages for a while now,but havent gotten around to finishing it fully,there is a lot I still plan to stay tuned and I should hopefully have it finished soon. For now though,do check out the projects pages as I’ve added indepth info about each of Courteney’s projects,the Friends,Cougar Town etc pages have their own sections too complete with episode guides..the lot :)

We should hopefully have a new gallery layout coming sometime this month,and I also have a few awesome surprises up  my sleeve..but more on those another time. Thanks again guys for continuing to visit the site :)