What Makes Courteney Cox So Cougarific?

Monday, Aug 23, 2010

“Boy, first of all, she’s got a body that just, you know, even women kind of go, ‘Oh OK! I’ll sleep with that!’ ”

Says Cougar Town‘s resident older-woman-on-the-prowl Carolyn Hennesy when we asked her what exactly makes costar Courteney Cox so absolutely cougarlicious. Sure, Court’s cuckoo mama may not be dating the younger dudes on the show anymore, but she was bumping TV nasties with Nick Zano (of the young and buff H’wood crowd).

And we say hell, yes, thank heaven for characters life Jules Cobb on our boobtube! When else are female friendships and their women’s sexual adventures represented in a realistic (and mostly classy) way on prime-time basic cable?

Uh, like friggin’ never.

Indeed, Carolyn added about yum-fun Courteney: “She’s stunningly beautiful. She’s fiercely driven; she knows exactly what she wants. She’s in control pretty much 100 percent of the time that I see her because, let’s face it, she’s also one of the executive producers. And that is, at any age, I think incredibly attractive to young men. It’s like ‘OK, take me by the hand and show me what to do!’ And she can do it.”

So we agree and salute you, cougars!

Source: E Online