Saturday, Jan 22, 2011
  • The group drive around in a “Fundae Sundae” ice cream truck because they needed it to haul “The Ice Man” in the pilot episode. The character was dropped, but they kept the truck.
  • In The Pilot,When Strickland and the General see Beef for the first time, after he he got knocked out by Billy’s candy-bar, Billy takes his handgloves off twice and lays them down.
  • In The Pilot, In the final scene, on the top of the mountain, Gloria’s socks often change their position: they’re pulled up to her knees and in the next scene they are pushed down, but then pulled up again
  • In The Pilot,When B-Man blasts the door open in the military area (at Humanidyne’s), Billy’s jacket-zipper changes position more than once.
  • In The Pilot,Johnny fires a second electrical bolt at Billy in front of him but when Billy gets to his feet the blast crater is behind him.

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