Murder She Wrote

Saturday, Jan 22, 2011

Courteney guest Starred in the episode “Death Stalks The Big Top”

Favorite aunt Jessica arrives three days before the society wedding of Carol Bannister, who is convinced the silver leprechaun she receives among the wedding gifts is from her grandfather, Jessica’s late husband Frank’s brother Neil Fletcher, who is presumed dead. When the antiques salesman sort of recognizes his picture as the out of town buyer, Jessica guesses right he may be among Edgar Carmody’s family circus which was in town then, and goes snooping there. She in on Neil’s rail, as he works there as roustabout under the name Carl Schulman, as Edgar knows. Neil/Carl ran but is arrested after unpopular Hank Sutter, who harassed fellow artist Katie McCallum and bullied her teenage son Charlie, is found dead near, however not trampled by elephants, as none has a blood-stained foot, but beaten to death, like with Charlie’s beloved baseball bat which Hank took from the boy. Neil explains why he staged his own death to escape his loveless marriage

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