Season 7

It Happened One Night

The older Keaton children regret their initial decision not to join Andy and their parents for a camping trip.

Beyond Therapy

In an attempt to get Alex to open up emotionally, Lauren persuades him to join a therapy group.

Heartstrings Part 2

While Steven fights for his life in surgery, the family fights to remain optimistic about his condition.

Heartstrings Part 3

Steven battles the physical and psychological aftershocks of his heart surgery.

My Best Friend’s Girl

Lauren gets more than she bargained for when she begins counseling Skippy and he falls in love with her.

They Can’t Take That Away From Me Part 1

Alex´s relationship with Lauren is tested when he becomes infatuated with a young music student.

They Can’t Take That Away From Me Part 2

Alex finds himself on an emotional roller coaster when he´s forced to choose between Lauren and Marty.

Wrap Around the Clock Part 1

When Andy asks the family to contribute to his time capsule, the Keaton clan recalls some of their best-loved stories.

Wrap Around the Clock Part 2

As Andy’s time capsule fills to overflowing with family mementos, the Keaton clan looks back and laughs at their funniest moments.

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