Season 1:

    • Debby Holiday sings the theme song, it’s called “Dig Deep”.
    • As Holt takes off his shirt the Virescit Vulnere Virtus “tattoo” is clearly seen as 3 seperate lines of text. A couple of seconds later, when he lays his shirt down and is dragging Julia out, the tattoo looks more like a set of scrolls around a pole with a line of text below it. A second later after the camera cuts to the woman bystander leaving her car & then cuts back to Holt it reverts back to the 3 line Virescit Vulnere Virtus “tattoo.”
    • Although Dirt is set in Los Angeles, Prince Tyreese doesn’t play for the Lakers or the Clippers. Instead he plays for the the Los Angeles Rock.
    • Holt McLaren has a tattoo on his right arm that says “Virescit Vulnere Virtus”, which is Latin for “Courage grows strong at the wound.” 
    • Don took the photos on a digital camera, but he was processing them in a dark room and chemically printing them.
    • The set used during the filming of Julia’s sitcom is actually the set used on ABC’s According to Jim
    • Goof: Lucy’s mother tells her she’s getting married the day after tomorrow. When Lucy gets back to the office that same day, her assistant writes that the wedding is February 20., since today is February 19. However, if the wedding is day after tomorrow it should be February 21, not 20.
    • Tweetie McDaniel smashes Prince Tyreese’s (Rick Fox’s character) knees with a metal pipe after discovering that the basketball player told to Dirt Now that he killed Aundre G.

      In a few episodes of season 4 of CW’s show “One Tree Hill”, Rick Fox played the character of Daunte, a gambler with a passion for blackmail. In exchange for money, Daunte asks Nathan Scott (one of the leading characters of the show, a high school basketball player) to cheat on some basketball match. In the episode “Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye”, when he asks Nathan to lose the State Championship and he refuses, Daunte threatens him to break one of his knees with a metal pipe.

    • The tattoo that looks like a set of scrolls around a pole with a line of text below it, which appeared briefly on the top of his right arm in the pilot, has now been moved to the top of his left arm and the Virescit Vulnere Virtus “tattoo” is on the top of his right arm.
    • It is revealed in this episode that Holt has worms
    • Major Irony Alert: Holt revealed to Lucy that he doesn’t eat red meat, and that he sticks with mostly fish. Herein lies the irony, he got his infestation of herring worms from sushi. It turned out his healthy choice of fish over beef was threatening his health.
    • Goof: During the episode, Willa has two different hair colors. For a few scenes halfway through the episode, she is blonde. But everywhere else in the episode, she is brunette.
    • No Trivia for this episode.
    • Despite Abby sitting on the cake and rubbing her bottom all over it in an earlier scene, the icing isn’t smeared at all when she and Don eat it at the end of the episode.
    • Brent is seen smoking in the beginning but in a previous episode he says he has asthma and can’t smoke.
    • Garbo’s green tank top goes from falling off her right shoulder when she goes to get the drugs for Julia to being back in place on her shoulder when Julia grabs the bag and runs out without her having moved it.
    • The business card that Lucy picks up at the end says “Grief Counselling”. This is the British (and Canadian) spelling of the word, and is uncommon in the US. In the US, it would far more likely be “Grief Counseling”.
    • Goof: When Lucy chases Don after seeing blood on his hand, she has a bandage on her leg for no explained reason.

Season 2:

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