Family & Friends

Friday, May 22, 2009

Courteney is a very popular and much loved woman. However she has some friends and family who she is closest too that she loves the most. View info on those people below.

David Arquette


David Arquette is Courteney’s husband who she met and fell in love with when She co-starred with him in the Scream Trilogy. 2 years after meeting on the Scream set they married,and later on in 2004 they had their first child together named Coco

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is an actress who Co-Starred with Courteney in Friends for 10 years.They met on set and instantly bonded,they were there for eachother through divorces,miscarriages,breakups and more. The pair are still best friends now 15years later and Jennifer is also godmother to Courteney’s daughter Coco.

Sheryl Crow


Sheryl Crow is an American Singer.Sheryl and Courteney have been friends for many years,and are also friends with Jennifer Aniston. Sheryl has a son who often has playdates with Courteney’s daughter Coco

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