Season 5

Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014

5×01 – All or Nothin’

The cul-de-sac crew feels weird about Laurie and Travis dating, but Jules is determined to play it cool. Bobby and Andy make it big when Penny Can goes global. But when Bobby starts throwing around money, Grayson confronts him about years of unpaid bar tabs. Meanwhile, Andy struggles to get Stan to sleep after a slasher movie.

5×02 – Like a Diamond

After letting her car insurance lapse, Jules winds up in a car accident with an attractive man named Sam (guest star Matthew Perry). When Jules notices that her wedding ring has fallen off during the fender bender she cannot resist accepting Sam’s offer to take her on a date. Meanwhile, Bobby takes steps to prepare for a major snowstorm. But with only a 10% chance of snow, the weather has Travis concerned that his dad will be disappointed.

5×03 – Depending on You

Jules and Grayson receive a wedding invitation from a couple they barely know and on a date that conflicts with Grayson’s roller-hockey finals. Despite Grayson’s important plans, Jules simply cannot say no. Meanwhile, Bobby finds out that Dog Travis has puppies, and the crew discovers that Tom (recurring guest star Robert Clendenin) has created a model of the neighborhood with eerily lifelike dolls of everyone.

5×04 – The Trip to Pirate’s Cove

The town is transformed into a pirate’s cove for Buccaneer Week. Andy pleads with Ellie to appeal to tourists by bringing out her alter ego, “Charming Ellie”, attempting to step up his mayoral duties. Andy’s friendship with Bobby is tested when Bobby tells a crowd of tourists that the beach needs to be closed after he spots a large jellyfish. Meanwhile, Laurie starts baking “naughty cakes” to increase sales.

5×05 – Hard on Me

Andy organizes a 5K run in an effort to save his reputation as Mayor after an embarrassing article comes out in the local paper. Jules uses the race to get her dad out of the house and relive his coaching days, but the crew struggles to get through Chick’s intense workouts. Meanwhile, Grayson attempts to get back into acting and is excited about landing a role in a commercial, until he realizes it’s for an erectile dysfunction product.

5×06 – Learning to Fly

After Jules lies to customers at the annual cul-de-sac yard sale, Laurie teaches her about karma. Andy uses some of his new yard sale purchases to test Ellie after betting her that she is unable to go a whole day without being snarky. Meanwhile, Bobby must overcome his phobia of rollercoasters to fulfill his grandfather’s dying wish.

5×07 – Time to Move On

With Travis graduating art school in a few months, Jules starts to worry about his job prospects. Laurie and Ellie pose as a couple in a desperate attempt to get Stan into a fancy new school. Meanwhile, Andy insists on making a cat video with the guys for Bro-day.

5×08 – Mystery of Love

After Travis and Laurie have Jules and Grayson over for brunch, Jules attempts to prove that she and Grayson are the better couple. Andy plans a beach day for Stan to try and convince him that he is a fun dad. Meanwhile, Tom discovers a draft of a teen novel (Travellers) in a box of yard sale junk he purchased, and he tries to help Ellie finish it after she reveals she started writing it years ago.

5×09 – Too Much Ain’t Enough

Jules enlists Andy to be her business partner in a get-rich-quick scheme after she receives a large commission check. Meanwhile, Grayson tries to act cool around Travis’s new hipster friends, and Bobby struggles to feel comfortable with his new man-bag.

5×10 – Too Good to be True

Travis starts an open mic night at Coffee Bucks to bring some culture to the venue, but his plan backfires when Andy shows up with his lame stand-up comedy act. Meanwhile, Tom’s daughter Haylee (guest star Julianna Guill) comes to visit, and Grayson and Jules hesitantly play along when they discover that Tom’s been lying to Haylee, saying Jules is his girlfriend.

5×11 – Refugee

When Bobby’s boat suddently goes missing, Jules and Bobby bring back their detective personas, “Blacktop” and “Gumshoe”, in order to solve the mystery. Grayson helps Andy win over his new supervisor by teaching him “the neg,” and Andy later tries the technique on Ellie. Elsewhere, Laurie and Travis attempt to decorate her apartment together as couple, which leads to their first fight.

5×12 – Love Is a Long Road

Chick decides to move closer to Jules after his Alzheimers begins to worsen, while Travis prepares for his graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, Ellie and Laurie rivalize over which of them is Jules’ #1 best-friend.

5×13 – We Stand a Chance

Jules cheats on her physical exam, then gets unexpected news when the urine sample she got from Laurie shows that Laurie is pregnant. Laurie and Travis face a possible break-up after Andy puts them in a fake marriage to help him at his job, and they realize they want different things in life. Now it’s up to Jules to fix things and reveal the news to them. Meanwhile, Grayson and Bobby challenge a group of youngsters to a break dancing “break-off”, but reconsider when they find out they will be grandfathers.