Courteney Cox Says David Arquette Is Still ‘Really Cute’

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Courteney Cox and her “Scream” franchise co-star/husband of 11 years, David Arquette, announced their separation in October 2010 — but could reconciliation be in the works for the power pair?

At the LA junket for their upcoming thriller, “Scream 4,” the former “Friends” star told Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos that despite her and David’s current estrangement (the couple first met on the set of the original “Scream” film), she’s happy fate had a hand in their meeting.

“[We] wouldn’t have had [our daughter] Coco [and] David wouldn’t be looking as cute as he does right now after those years,” Courtney told Maria on Wednesday, of what would have been lost had she or David passed on their roles in 1996’s original “Scream.” “Now [David] looks the best he’s ever looked — he’s doing great. He’s just awesome…he does look great.

“He looks really, really cute,” Courteney continued to rave. “And he’s so stylish! Where is he?”

The “Cougar Town” actress also revealed she and David had a love/hate relationship at the beginning of their romance, much like their onscreen characters.

“We faked it pretty good in ‘Scream 2’ because I actually didn’t like [David] at all and he didn’t like me. Hate. Hated,” she laughed. “[In the first ‘Scream’] we fell in love. [‘Scream 2’], hate. [‘Scream 3’], [we were] married. [‘Scream 4’], had a kid, but that wasn’t introduced [into the plot].”

“How you do fake liking someone when you can’t stand them?” Maria asked.

“Well, [it was] hate/love — ‘Hate you, get away from me, come here, hurry!’” Courtney told Maria of their passionate relationship. “You know, one of those!”

As for when the couple’s adorable daughter, Coco, 6, will be allowed to view her parents’ horror flick series, Courteney says she’s got a few years to go.

“In this day and age, with the way she behaves, probably 13 [years old]?” Courteney told Maria, of the age at which Coco will be allowed to see “Scream.” “That’s probably fair. I think 13’s alright…

“I was sneaking into rated R movies at 10!” she added. “I snuck in to see ‘The Exorcist’ at, I’ll say, 13 years old? And my friend went with me and she didn’t want to stay, and I sat in the movie by myself and when [Linda Blair] started flopping up in that bed, I was like, ‘I am too young for this, but I am not leaving!’”

See Courteney, along with David Arquette, Neve Campbell, and franchise newcomers Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere, in “Scream 4” when it hits theaters on April 15.