Courteney compares ‘Scream’ coupling to real romance

Zap2it was on hand for Wednesday’s (Mar. 23) “Scream 4” press conference, where Courteney Cox and David Arquette were more than just civil to each other.

Press was asked to refrain from personal questions during the junket, but that didn’t stop the “estranged” couple from making a few comments on their own accord.

Cox and Arquette, who met on the set of the original “Scream” film, are reprising their roles as the now-married Gale Weathers-Riley and Dewey Riley in the fourth installment. They reunite with not only Neve Campbell and Wes Craven, but many of the same crew members who have been faithfully working on the franchise for 15 years.

“We’ve developed this family,” Arquette says of coming back together after over a decade.

“And Courteney,” he adds with a laugh. “Being married and having a kid and everything, it just intensifies the sort of reality and honesty. That’s my favorite part of acting, when you can tap into stuff like that.”

Cox made reference to her off-screen love as well, comparing her own relationship to that of Gale and Dewey.

“Gale’s just very campy, and I love her relationship with Dewey,” Cox admits. “The fact that they’re together is so funny. He’s so earnest and she’s so out to get ahead and it’s just a very odd pairing and so are we — although we’re not really, but we kind of are.”

During separate one-on-one interviews with Entertainment Tonight,  Cox says that regardless of their personal lives, working together is “very easy” for the duo. Arquette confirms however, that a total reconciliation hasn’t yet occurred.

“We’re separated, we’re working on ourselves and our relationship and sort of figuring out what we want,” he says.

Judging from their body language at the press conference, the two seem to be on more than good terms at the moment. Here’s hoping they can work out their issues and stay strong.

You can see Gale and Dewey’s married life in “Scream 4” when it hits theaters April 15.