The Love Boat Clip Captures

Wednesday, Oct 20, 2010

I never post caps from just one scene of a movie or television show,but since this is a rare one to get I’ve made an exception.I’ve been looking for some of Courteney’s older and rarer projects for a while now to share with you guys and I managed to get a good quality clip of one of her scenes in her guest episode of The Love Boat.If anyone knows where I can find/download the full episode please leave me a comment or an email.Thank you!

Gallery Link:

– Television Projects > The Love Boat > 9.11 –  Picture Me as a Spy Sleeper

2 Comments on “The Love Boat Clip Captures”

  1. girls, you’ve made caps so you must have the video, rite?
    where can I see it?
    this is maybe the only CC footage Im still missing.
    thanks for your help!

  2. I’ve got the video on my laptop yes,it’s only this scene though,thats all I could get. and the audio is actually in another language,so it isnt Courteney’s voice speaking but it’s her acting x

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