David Arquette Doesn’t Need Help with His Marriage, but Thanks for Asking

Tuesday, Jun 15, 2010

David Arquette has to laugh at how rumors about supposed trouble in his marriage to Courteney Cox Arquette can spread – even to their group of friends.

“You know, it’s weird, because it turns up in the tabloids, and your friends start calling you like there’s a problem,” the actor, 38, told PEOPLE at an Operation Mend event at UCLA Monday, supporting the program that provides plastic surgery to severely injured Afghanistan and Iraq soldiers and veterans. “Like, they say, ‘If you need to talk,’ you know. Hey, we don’t need to talk. There’s nothing . We have a really great, beautiful relationship.”

Not that it’s always totally smooth sailing. “Whenever things come up, we deal with them. We communicate,” he says. “I would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship, you know what I mean. I’m committed, and we’re honest with each other … Relationships take a lot of work.”
Whatever they’re doing seems to be working. “We respect each other, care for each other and love each other,” Arquette says. “And I feel blessed that she’s my wife and that we have an amazing family.”

Arquette and his actress wife, 46, celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday – a day before their daughter Coco’s sixth birthday. How did they celebrate? “In the daytime we went to Disneyland, and in the evening we had a beautiful dinner,” Arquette says. “We ate exactly what we ate when we got married – steak and lobster.”

The couple are now looking forward to working together again, leaving next week for Ann Arbor, Mich., to shoot the latest Scream movie – a film series that has provided a backdrop to various milestones in their relationship.

“It’s nostalgic,” Arquette says. “We met on Scream 1, and on Scream 2 we were kind of on and off dating. And by Scream 3 we were married. And now on Scream 4 we have a child. It’s sort of an amazing marker throughout our lives.”